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PCB Euro Blocks
PCB mounted Euro terminal blocks
2 and 3 level terminal blocks
Centerlines of 2.54, 3.5, 3.81, 5, 5.08, 7.5, and 7.62mm
Special products with centerlines of 6.35, 9.5 10, and 10.16mm
Elevator clamp and wire protector products
Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Male/female connectors.
Centerlines of 3.5, 3.81, 5, 5.08, 7.5, 7.62, 10, and 10.16mm
Standard and vertical plugs
Dual level headers, ejector headers, standard and pin strip headers
Screwless Terminal Blocks
Products that do not need a screwdriver for wire termination
Button, lever, slide, and poke-home versions
Centerlines of 2.54, 3.81, 4.57, 5, 5.08, and 7.62mm
Barrier Blocks
Standard barrier and tri-barrier products
Dual level barrier blocks
600 volt barrier blocks
Dual row phenolic blocks
Euro Terminal Strips
Terminal strips in 4 different centerlines
7 to 50 amp rated
Up to 8 AWG
Keying tabs
Marking strips
Board mount screw terminals
Barrier block hardware
Mounting bushings
Panel Feed-Through
Terminal Block Series

Specially Designed
for Use in EMI/RFI Applications
Allows the Interface of:
Input Field Wiring Circuits
Inside an Enclosure,
with all Sides Closed
Push-In Wire Connectors
WPC300 Series for Solid or Stranded Wire
Color Coded for Number of Positions

MSD2.54mm centers3A 125V 16-30AWG
302-3123.5mm centers7A 250V 18-26AWG
MTS3.5 and 3.81mm centers12A 300V 14-30AWG
MSB5 and 5.08mm centers13.5A 300V 16-30AWG
301-3115mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
300-3105mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
MSG5 and 5.08mm centers13.5A 300V 16-30AWG
PA001-25mm centers10A 300V 14-26AWG
MSM5 and 5.08mm centers17.5A 300V 14-30AWG
MSM-355 and 5.08mm centers17.5A 300V 14-30AWG
3205 mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
MSQ5 and 5.08mm centers24A 300V 12-30AWG
MSM17.5 and 7.62mm centers17.5A 450V 14-30AWG
MSQ17.5 and 7.62mm centers24A 450V 12-30AWG
PSB5 and 5.08mm centers13.5A 300V 16-30AWG
PSM5 and 5.08mm centers17.5A 300V 14-30AWG
PSQ5 and 5.08mm centers24A 300V 12-30AWG
25EV6.35mm centers10A 300V 10-22AWG
DT123RA5mm centers15A 300V 16-22AWG
EK9509.5mm centers30A 300V 10-26AWG
EK381V4L3.81mm centers6A 150V 16-24AWG
CSF-CSM5mm centers6A 300V 16-30AWG
332-2995mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
CIF5/5.08/(7.5/7.62)mm centers12A 300V(450V) 12-30AWG
CVF5/5.08/(7.5/7.62)mm centers12A 300V(450V) 12-30AWG
CIM5/5.08/(7.5/7.62)mm centers12A 300V(450V) 12-30AWG
CIM-E5/5.08/(7.5/7.62)mm centers12A 300V(450V) 12-30AWG
CPM5 and 5.08mm centers12A 300V 12-30AWG
CTF3.5 and 3.81mm centers8A 300V 14-30AWG
CTM3.5 and 3.81mm centers8A 300V 14-30AWG
COF-COM5mm centers12A 300V 12-30AWG
1412.54mm centers6A 63V 20-24AWG
1425.08mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
3515mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
3614.57mm centers10A 300V 14-22AWG
6753.81 and 5mm centers10A 300V 14-20AWG
6255.08mm centers12A 300V 16-22AWG
6755mm centers10A 300V 18-24Sol
USL5-VB15mm centers7A 300V 16-26AWG
ULS5-HB25mm centers7A 300V 16-26AWG
HA525mm centers10A 250V 18-22AWG
BM3905mm centers8A 250V 16-22Sol
HD606.35mm centers/2 pin styles10A 250V 18-22AWG
HD616.35mm centers/3 pin styles13A 250V 18-22AWG
DT319.5mm centers15A 300V 12-22AWG
DT439.5mm centers15A 250V 12-22AWG
DT358.25mm centers/5 pin syles15A 300V 12-22AWG
DT398.25mm centers/2 pin styles15A 300V 12-22AWG
HD818.25mm centers/2 pin styles15A 250V 14-18AWG
HD838.25mm centers/4 pin styles15A 250V 14-18AWG
DT459.5mm centers/4 pin styles20A 300V 12-22AWG
DT499.5mm centers/2 pin styles15A 300V 12-22AWG
HI209.5mm centers/6 pin styles10A 250V 14-22AWG
HB959.5mm centers/4 pin styles10A 250V 14-22AWG
FTB808.25mm centers10A 250V 16-22AWG
FTB707.62mm centers10A 250V 16-22AWG
HD1010mm centers15A 250V 14-18AWG
FTB1010mm centers10A 250V 14-22AWG
DT6511mm centers/3 pin styles25A 300V 12-22AWG
DT6911mm centers/2 pin styles20A 300V 12-22AWG
DT6611mm centers40A 600V 10-18AWG
DT7C13mm centers/3 pin styles40A 600V 12-22 AWG
DT4C9.5mm centers/4 pin styles20A 300V 12-22AWG
DT898.89mm centers20A 300V 14-22AWG
HD848.25mm centers15A 250V 14-18AWG
HD747.62mm centers15A 250V 16-22AWG
HD3011mm centers/3 pin styles10A 250V 14-22AWG
HD3311mm centers/4 pin styles15A 250V 14-22AWG
HD-A9.5/11/14mm centers10 to 30A 250V
PA8/10/12/14mm centers7 to 50A 600V
MPT24 to 150A 450V to 1000V16 AWG to 2/0 AWG
WPC30024A 650V12 AWG to 22 AWG
HD84 Dual Tier Series8.25mm centers15A 250V 14-18AWG
OMG-300NE Barrier11mm centers25A 300V 14-22AWG
OTB-330N13mm centers30A 600V 12-22AWG
OTB-3518.5mm centers20A 300V 12-22AWG
OTB-35821mm centers60A 600V 3-10AWG
OTB-38821mm centers100A 600V 2-8AWG
OTB-48827mm centers100A 600V 3-10AWG
OTB-58835mm centers250A 600V 4/0 Stranded CU
OTB-150025mm centers100A 600V 1-3AWG
OTP-80Single 31.5mm WidthLine 4-10 AWG
Load 6-16AWG
JB6 (Jelly Beans)9.5mm centers20A 300V 12-22AWG
WPC300Push-In Wire Connectors24A 450V - 600V 12-22AWG