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Premier Metal

Trimline TIC Series Instrument Cases
Available in 88 standard sizes
    Standard Finishes:
  • Textured Finish (14 colors)
  • Semi Gloss Enamels (11 colors)
Trimline TIC Series -
Accessory Options

Assorted rear panel accessory options (for 19 inch width panel spacing)

  1. Formed panel (FP Series)
  2. Perforated formed panel, 1/16 inch diameter holes on 1/8 inch staggered centers (PFP Series)
  3. Formed louvred panel (FLP Series)
  4. Side hinged door panel (SHP Series)
Standard 1/8 and 3/16 inch flat panels also available (ARP,MAP, RP Series)

TIC Series
Construction Details

(front and rear identical)

  1. Trim: Extruded, anodized aluminum with black vinyl inlay and mitred corners
  2. Chassis/shelf support (accessory TIA Series)
  3. Welded stiffener channel and hand grip support
  4. Full extension slides with mounting hardware (accessory TBB Series)
  5. Recessed panel mounting channels and structural supports (4 per case), Standard EIA and WE hole spacing provide for front mounting and internal equipment mounting. Hardware supplied.
  6. Non-marring feet
  7. Case body: Welded, formed steel (20 gauge) with welded 16-gauge channel gusseting and channel stiffeners
  8. Black carrying grip

Basic Nominal Sizes

Finished in all standard Premier colors.
If not specified,
Smoke Blue Textured (Sandtex) will be furnished.

  1. Anodized, extruded, aluminum trim with black vinyl inlay
  2. Panel mounting channels
    EIA spacing: 5/8 -5/8-1/2 inch)
  3. Side carrying hand grips (9 1/2 inch panel width is supplied with top carrying handle)

Ordering Information
Height (Inches)
19 Inch Panel
15 5/8 Inch Panel
9 1/2 Inch Panel
Model No. Model No. Model No.
3 1/2 13 Discontinued
for reference only
for reference only
for reference only
5 1/4 13 Discontinued
for reference only
for reference only
for reference only
7 13 TIC-071913 TIC-071513 TIC-070913
83/4 13 TIC-081913 TIC-081513 TIC-080913
10 1/2 13 TIC-101913 TIC-101513 TIC-100913
121/4 13 TIC-121913 TIC-121513 TIC-120913
14 13 TIC-141913 TIC-141513 TIC-140913
17 1/2 13 TIC-171913 TIC-171513 TIC-170913
21 13 TIC-211913 TIC-211513 TIC-210913
241/2 13 TIC-241913 TIC-241513 TIC-240913
28 13 Discontinued
for reference only
for reference only
for reference only
3 1/2 17 TIC-031917 TIC-031517 TIC-030917
51/4 17 TIC-051917 TIC-051517 TIC-050917
7 17 TIC-071917 TIC-071517 TIC-070917
83/4 17 TIC-081917 TIC-081517 TIC-080917
10 1/2 17 TIC-101917 TIC-101517 TIC-100917
12 1/4 17 TIC-121917 TIC-121517 TIC-120917
14 17 TIC-141917 TIC-141517 TIC-140917
171/2 17 TIC-171917 TIC-171517 TIC-170917
21 17 TIC-211917 TIC-211517 TIC-210917
24 1/2 17 TIC-241917 TIC-241517 TIC-240917
28 17 TIC-281917 TIC-281517 TIC-280917
3 1/2 21 TIC-031921 TIC-031521  
5 1/4 21 TIC-051921 TIC-051521  
7 21 TIC-071921 TIC-071521  
83/4 21 TIC-081921 TIC-081521  
10 1/2 21 TIC-101921 TIC-101521  
121/4 21 TIC-121921 TIC-121521  
14 21 TIC-141921 TIC-141521  
171/2 21 TIC-171921 TIC-171521  
21 21 TIC-211921 TIC-211521  
241/2 21 TIC-241921 TIC-241521  
28 21 TIC-281921 TIC-281521  

Distinctive Instrument Enclosures
High in quality and distinction, moderate in cost - Trimline instrument cases, with their extraordinary strength, beauty and utility, are designed to meet the engineering and marketing design requirements for electronic products packaging for free standing or rack mounted instrumentation or systems.

TIC cases are trimmed front and rear with anodized, extruded aluminum and decorative vinyl inlays. Lightweight strength and rigidity is achieved through the use of multiple offset and angle forming of 20 gauge C/R steel interlocked and welded to the 4-16 gauge channel corner post sections used for reinforcement and equipment mounting accommodations. Provisions for equipemnt mounting permit the ready use of the following accessories: tilt-stand, front and rear panels, slides, rack adapters, chassis and shelf support angles, and access doors with or without locks. Ventilation provisions and other modifications are readily available at nominal cost.

The large variety of sizes, the adaptability for equipment mounting requirements, the variety of finishes and the ready availability at modest costs make the Trimline Series of cases an ideal choice for electronic product packaging.

Requirements for special ventilation, screening, cutouts, access openings, etc. should be submitted for quotation.

Special Sizes
A special design size (15 5/8 inch panel width) has been incorporated into the Trimline instrument case line which makes the entire case easily adaptable into standard 19 inch rack widths. The overall case height conforms to standard panel heights, requiring no fillers to adjacent panels above or below the Trimline Case. This design size is especially desirable for bench or desk instrumentation that may be rack mounted without requiring a different size enclosure for each usage.

Chassis/Shelf Support Angles

Adjustable, formed 16 gauge steel angles mount to side brackets of TIC series cases for supporting shelves or chassis. Finished in light gray. Packaged in pairs.

Ordering Information
(L) (Inches)
To Fit TIC
Depth (Inches)
12 13 TIA-13
16 17 TIA-17
20 21 TIA-21

Tilt Stand
Molded plastic legs and 3/16 inch diameter formed chrome plated steel rod with hardware for mounting TIC cases. Snap action detents hold stand in retracted or extended positions.
Catalog No. TTS-95 for 9 1/2 inch panel width cases.
Catalog No. TTS-15-19 for 15 5/8 and 19 inch panel width cases.

TIC Shelves

16 gauge formed shelves for support equipment or use as an open end chassis. Requires a pair of TIA chassis angles supports for mounting into TIC cases. Finished in light gray.

For 19 Inch Width
Depth (Inches)
13 12 1/2 TIS-13
17 16 1/2 TIS-17
21 20 1/2 TIS-21
For 15 5/8 Inch Width
13 12 1/2 TIS-13-15
17 16 1/2 TIS-17-15
21 20 1/2 TIS-21-15

Chassis Slides
  • Three-piece full extension
  • Instant disconnect
  • Positive mechanical stop
  • Ball bearing and nylon rollers
  • C/R steel zinc plated and irridated
  • 100 lb. load rating (extended)
  • Furnished with adapter brackets and hardware for mounting slides into TIC cases.

Depth (Inches)
13 12 12 TBB-100-12
17 16 16 TBB-100-16
21 20 20 TBB-100-20

Rack Adapters
Anodized, extruded 1/8 inch aluminum angle adapters with closed slotted holes on E.I.A. standard panel spacing for mounting special design width TIC cases (15 5/8 inch panel width) into standard 19 inch panel width racks and enclosures. No additional panel filters are required. Cases are fabricated for mounting at no extra charge when adapters are ordered together with cases.

Rack Panel
To Fit 15 5/8 Inch
Width TIC Case
Panel Height
5 1/4 3 1/2 TRA-3
7 51/4 TRA-5
8 3/4 7 TRA-7
10 1/2 8 3/4 TRA-8
12 1/4 10 1/2 TRA-10
14 12 1/4 TRA-12

Blank Panels
Panels listed below are selected standards for use with TIC instrument cases. All panels are painted except for MAP Series, which are masked on both surfaces.

Panel Heights
(EIA Standards)
19 Inch Panel Width
1/8 Inch
1/8 Inch
Formed Steel
1/2 Inch Deep
Steel Formed
16 Gauge
1/2 Inch Deep
Side Hinged
12 Gauge Steel
3 1/2 ARP-319 MAP-319 PFP-319 FP-319 SHP-319
5 1/4 ARP-519 MAP-519 PFP-519 FP-519 SHP-519
7 ARP-719 MAP-719 PFP-719 FP-719 SHP-719
8 3/4 ARP-819 MAP-819 PFP-819 FP-819 SHP-819
10 1/2 ARP-1019 MAP-1019 PFP-1019 FP-1019 SHP-1019
12 1/4 ARP-1219 MAP-1219 PFP-1219 FP-1219 SHP-1219
14 ARP-1419 MAP-1419 PFP-1419 FP-1419 SHP-1419
17 1/2 ARP-1719 MAP-1719 PFP-1719 FP-1719 SHP-1719
21 ARP-2119 MAP-2119 PFP-2119 FP-2119 SHP-2119
24 1/2 ARP-2419 MAP-2419 PFP-2419 FP-2419  
28 ARP-2819 MAP-2819 PFP-2819 FP-2819  
Panel Heights
(EIA Standards)
15 1/2 Inch Panel Width   9 1/2 Inch Panel Width
1/8 Inch.
Formed Steel
1/2 Inch Deep
1/8 Inch
1/8 Inch
3 1/2 ARP-315 PFP-315 ARP-395 MAP-395
5 1/4 ARP-515 PFP-515 ARP-595 MAP-595
7 ARP-715 PFP-715 ARP-795 MAP-795
8 3/4 ARP-815 PFP-815 ARP-895 MAP-895
101/2 ARP-1015 PFP-1015 ARP-1095 MAP-1095
12 1/4 ARP-1215 PFP-1215 ARP-1295 MAP-1295
14 ARP-1415 PFP-1415 ARP-1495 MAP-1495