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Trimline, Spartan & Thriftline Series Wedges

Wedge Frames - 30° and 45° (For use with TVA, SVA & TLA Series)

Wedge frames are designed to enable the construction of console stations in variable bayed configurations using standard modular units. Single piece or multiple piece work table units are available for any configuration specified to form a unitized console. With the utilization of casters, consoles may be made into moveable stations.
Wedge frames are welded steel with one-piece bottoms and tops. Full size removable rear panels are included. Ganging kits (CGK-7) are available for adjacent bays.

Ordering Information
Wedge Frames for Sloped Front Panel Units:
Trimline, Spartan and Thriftline Series
Sloped Panel
Height (Inches)
Depth (Inches)
30 ° Units
Calalog No.
45 ° Units
Catalog No.
17 1/2 23 WTS-30-1723 WTS-45-1723
17 1/2 29 WTS-30-1729 WTS-45-1729

Wedge Frame for Vertical Units: Trimline, Spartan & Thriftline Series
Match panel-to-panel depth and vertical panel heights to adjacent cabinets in angle desired (30° or 40°).

Ordering Information
Vertical Panel
Height (Inches)
30 ° Units - Panel-to-Panel Depth (Inches)
21 WTV-30-2123 WTV-30-2129 WTV-30-2136
31 1/2 WTV-30-3123 WTV-30-3129 WTV-30-3136
42 WTV-30-4223 WTV-30-4229 WTV-30-4236
52 1/2 WTV-30-5223 WTV-30-5229 WTV-30-5236
61 1/4 WTV-30-6123 WTV-30-6129 WTV-30-6136
70 WTV-30-7023 WTV-30-7029 WTV-30-7036
77 WTV-30-7723 WTV-30-7729 WTV-30-7736
 45 ° Units - Panel-to-Panel Depth (Inches)
21 WTV-45-2123 WTV-45-2129 WTV-45-2136
31 1/2 WTV-45-3123 WTV-45-3129 WTV-45-3136
42 WTV-45-4223 WTV-45-4229 WTV-45-4236
52 1/2 WTV-45-5223 WTV-45-5229 WTV-45-5236
61 1/4 WTV-45-6123 WTV-45-6129 WTV-45-6136
70 WTV-45-7023 WTV-45-7029 WTV-45-7036
77 WTV-45-7723 WTV-45-7729 WTV-45-7736

Multiple Bay Writing Surface with Use of Wedge Frame
Curved consoles using wedge frames can be made in "U" shapes or "L" shapes to accommodate available space and human engineering requirements. Writing surfaces may or may not be needed for specific applications. We suggest that rough sketches (as illustrated above), outlining your general specifications, be submitted to our Engineering Department for exact dimensioning, estimating and possible suggestions to meet your specific needs in the most economical manner.