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HGN-369 line filters are used in applications having ON/OFF switch on frontside but main input at the rear side. IEC Connector, voltage selector for four different voltages, fuse holder (5 x 20mm or 3AG optionally) and a highly efficient filter in a totally enclosed metal housing to ensure maximum protection from common mode and differential mode interferences. HGN-369
Voltage Select

Technical Data
Operating voltage:250 V / 50 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz
Rated current:1A / 2A / 3A / 4A / 6A
Leakage current:<0.5 mA / 250 VAC
Temperature range:-25°C + 85°C
Test voltage (VDE 0565):1.8 kV / 50 Hz - 2 s

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Panel cut-out

Specifications subject to change without notice. Dimensions in mm. (Metric dimensions are shown in parentheses.) All versions available for medical grade application. Contact Beckwith Electronics.