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HGN-367 series line filters feature an IEC Connector with an integral fuse holder and distance switch; available for one or two 5 x 20mm fuses. (IEC 601 prescribes fusing of both lines.) Unlike other inferior distance switches, then HGN-367 incorporates Steel Band Ribbon Technology which increases the maximum bending radius of the distance switch so that it can be mounted at virtually any location. Fully enclosed metal housing prevents input of high frequency noise and protects ultra-sensitive equipment HGN-367
Fused with Distance Switch

Technical Data
Operating voltage:250 V / 50 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz
Rated current:1A / 2A / 4A
Leakage current:<0.5 mA / 250 VAC
Temperature range:-25°C + 85°C
Test voltage (V\MDE 0565):1.8 kV / 50 Hz - 2 s
Rated voltage:250 VAC
Rated current:5A
Temperature range:-10°C + 60°C

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Specifications subject to change without notice. Dimensions in mm. All versions available for medical grade application. Contact Beckwith Electronics.