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for High Density D-Sub Right Angle P.C.B. Connectors
Material and Finish
Thickness:Base Copper: 40µ"
Tin: 80 - 120µ"
Material:Brass (male)
Phosphor Bronze (female)
Plating:Gold Plate or Tin/Lead over Nickel
Thickness:Gold Flash
40µ" Nickel base
80 - 100µ" Tin/Lead
P.B.T. and glass-fiber reinforced
UL 94V-0

Mating Force:9 Pin15 Pin25 Pin37 Pin
Minimum:1.5 kg2.0 kg3.0 kg3.0 kg
Maximum:5.0 kg7.0 kg8.0 kg12.0 kg
Unmating Force:9 Pin15 Pin25 Pin37 Pin
Minimum:1.5 kg2.0 kg3.5 kg3.5kg
Maximum:5.0 kg7.0 kg8.0 kg12.0 kg

Electrical Specifications
Rated Current:3 A
Rated Voltage:300 VDC
Insulator Resistance:3000 Megaohm min. @ 500 VDC
Contact Resistance:15 milliohm max.
Dielectric Withstanding Strength:1000 VAC for 1 minute
Temperature:-55°C to +105°C

Ordering Code

Board Mount Options, Right Angle
Mating Face OptionsP.C.B. Face Options
Board LockHoleThreaded Hole
Jack Screw 4-40 Thread
4-40 Threaded Rivet and Jack Screw
4-40 Threaded Rivet
Riveted Hex Standoff

Specifications subject to change without notice.