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Moody Tools, Inc.

Jewelers Style Screwdriver HandleStock No. 49-8026
These Steel Screwdriver Handles are the traditional Jewelers style with a solid locking chuck nose. Made from knurled, plated steel, this handle features a hex-shaped Swiveltop(R), providing excellent fingertip control and a non-roll shape. OAL 2.8" x .25" diameter.
Open End Wrench HandleStock No. 49-8069
For use exclusively with our Mini Open End Wrenches, these knurled, plated steel handles feature a solid locking chuck nose. No Swiveltop(R) is required; the handle has a ball end. OAL 2.8" & .25" diameter.
Magnetic Screwdriver HandleStock No. 49-8024
Featuring a powerful rare Earth magnet that transfers magnetism to the screwdriver blade, these Jewelers style handles are made of aluminum and include the non-roll Swiveltop(R). OAL 2.6" & .25" diameter.
3" Screwdriver ExtensionStock No. 51-1565 or 76-1565
These unique tool Extensions add approximately 3" to the reach of any Moody chuck-style screwdriver. An inexpensive, yet valuable addition to any tool box. Shaft is 3/16" in diameter.
Mini Plastic Fluted Screwdriver HandleStock No. 49-8025
These miniature handles are traditional fluted style and feature a solid-locking chuck assembly that is permanently molded into the red and yellow plastic. OAL 2.7" & 5/8" diameter.
Interchangeable Aluminum Handle for 2-in-l Reversible BladesStock No. 49-8027
Now featuring a pocket clip, these blue anodized aluminum handles are for use with our 2-in-l reversible screwdriver blades. Non-roll top and knurled handle ensure a good grip, and snap ring secures blade tightly. OAL 2.7"
Interchangeable ESD-Safe Handle for 2-in-l Reversible BladesStock No. 49-8182
These Ergonomic and Anti-Static (ESD-Safe) handles accept our 2-in-l reversible screwdriver blades, and feature hex-shaped tops and fluted bodies. Snap-ring secures blade in place. OAL 3.75"
Interchangeable ESD-Safe Handle for Moody's Jewelers Style BladesStock No. 49-8181
Featuring a chuck style nose, these ESD-Safe handles are ergonomic, Anti-Static and accept traditional Moody screwdriver blades as well as the 3" Extension. Non-roll tops and fluted bodies. OAL 4.5"
Fixed ESD-Safe Handle (short)
Available as complete drivers only
Ergonomic and Anti-Static, these handles feature securely molded blades. Complete with SwivitopTM;, these are available as complete drivers only, both individually and in sets. Drivers are marked with the size, stock no. & ESD-Safe symbol. Blade length 1.25"; OAL, incl. blade, 4.9"
Fixed ESD-Safe Handle (long)
Available as complete drivers only
Available as complete drivers individually or in sets, screwdrivers with these Ergonomic handles are ESD-Safe. Blades are molded into the handles which feature non-roll tops. All are marked with the size, stock no. & ESD-Safe symbol. Blade length, 2.5"; OAL, including blade, 6.2"