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Every test equipment set and multimeter set comprises and assortment of clamp-type test probes, test probes, crocodile clips and measuring leads in black and red.

The most important measurements and tests on electrical components can be carried out using this basic equipment. An appropriate test equipment set and multimeter set is put together from the various laboratory equipment ranges for the widest variety of applications.

Each set is packed in an environmentally friendly box. A list of the contents is printed on the packaging, the perforated flap allows excellent presentation of the products in the trade.

The PMS 0.64 and PMS 2 sets are particularly designed for measurements in the microelectronics range. Special components and densely packed circuits can be tested with the extremely fine probes.

PMS 4 and MPS 4 KFZ with its 4 mm diameter connectors are specially designed for the low voltage range up to 60 V. The KFZ version is specially intended for the particular requirements of the motor industry for auto electronics measurements in the workshop, service garage or filling station. The Kleps 2700 allows measurements on insulated, hard-to-access leads in the engine compartment.

The PMS 2600, PL 2600 SET, PL 2600w Set and MMS 2010, 2020, 2030 and 2040 sets are suitable for higher voltages up to 1000 V.