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Single-pole safety connectors with 4 mm diameter pins are suitable for measuring when mains voltage or higher voltages up to 1000 V are being used. The enhanced contact protection prevents short-circuits when working in the low voltage range and thus protects the user and high-value equipment and devices that may be sensitive to short circuits. Safety laboratory equipment is used wherever contact protection is required either by the safety regulations or just to prevent accidents. It is used in laboratories, workshops and, above all, in training institutions, where mains voltage is being used.

Rigid Sleeve System
The single-pole 4 mm diameter connector is enclosed in a rigid plastic insulating sleeve which cannot be pushed back. A suitable cut-out is provided in the mating piece, the socket or a test probe. In addition, the connector pin incorporates an insulating cap. This prevents unintentional contact from the side and from the front. The connector is mechanically strong, robust and has shatter-proof insulation thanks to the crimp connection techniques and the high-quality plastic moulding.

Inspected Connections
All products comply with the most recent safety regulations such as IEC 1010, EN 61010 and VDE 0411. Products are inspected by the TUV Sudwest and are approved in accordance with the latest guidelines as specified in IEC 1010.

Versatile, Reliable
High quality contact materials such as brass, sprung, nickel-plated copper berryllium connector pins guarantee high security of contact. The wide range of safety measuring equipment ensures that the correct measuring tool is always available, whatever the measuring task.

Important Note
Safe working at voltages above protection voltage and low voltage makes great demands on the measuring equipment, and also on the user. Only conscientous, cautious working procedures, the knowledge of the dangers and the safety regulations and the use of the correct measuring equipment can ensure maximum safety. The highest voltage to be measured is determined by the weakest link in the chain.