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IC Tester
Modern ICs require special adapters to permit the reliable testing of the numerous, densely packed connecting pins. Hirschmann offers a wide range of IC testers for various types of housing and up to 196 connecting poles. The testers are pushed onto the test specimen and held securely against the terminal contacts under spring pressure. A number of Hirschmann products, e.g. Kleps or MAL 4-0, 64/100-0.25 provide for the connection of IC testers to measuring instruments. Both hands are left free for measuring purposes, the connection is short-circuit proof and all the pins are easily accessible.

BNC Adapter
The 4 mm "banana" plug system represents the standard for measurement techniques worldwide. The BNC plug is the standard connector not only for oscilloscopes and generators but also for certain recording instruments and PC test cards. Hirschmann offers suitable adapters for both standards.