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  1. Wire guard standard on all series.
  2. Natural white color.
  3. Captive screws.
PA Series


9 Positions

Materials (All Series)
Housing:Polyamide 6,6 (UL94V-2)
Terminal:Zinc alloy, Tin plated
Screw:Steel, yellow chromated
Positions Available:2 to 12
Temperature range:-35°C to +105°C
PA8DS Electrical
Current:7A @600V
Wire range:18 to 20 Sol
Wire section(mm2):1.5mm2
Centerline spacing:8mm
Wire hole size:ø2.7mm
Mounting holes:ø2.9mm
Dimension A:= 95.8mm
Dimension B:= 16.3mm
PA10DS Electrical
Current:20A @600V
Wire range:14 to 18 AWG
Wire section (mm2):2.5mm2
Centerline spacing:10mm
Wire hole size:ø3.2mm
Mounting holes:ø3.6mm
Dimension A:= 117.2mm
Dimension B:=20.1mm
PA12DS Electrical
Current:35A @600V
Wire range:10 to 18 AWG
Wire section(mm2):6mm2
Centerline spacing:12mm
Wire hole size:ø3.9mm
Mounting holes:ø3.8mm
Dimension A:= 140.5mm
Dimension B:= 23.8mm
PA14DS Electrical
Current:50A @ 600V
Wire range:8 to 20 AWG
Wire section(mm2):10mm2
Centerline spacing:14mm
Wire hole size:ø4.8mm
Mounting holes:ø4.3mm
Dimension A:= 158mm
Dimension B:= 25.6mm

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