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Hurst Manufacturing

Hurst offers a braod line of permanent magnet stepping motors of the economical can-stack construction type with step angles in the range of 7.5 to 18 degrees. A complete line of high quality gearing is available sor several of the models.

Stepping is achieved by electronic commutation of the stator windings. Each pulse input to the commutation circuit produces a fixed angular increment of rotation of the output shaft. The error in this increment is noncumaulative and is typically less than +5% of the nominal step angle value. Up to a maximum pulse rate known as the pull_in rate a steping motor maintains an error free ratio of rotational position to input pulses with the ability to start, stop or reverse direction. Above this rate the motor must be accelerated and decelerated to maintain pulse to step integrity. Because of their precise incremental motion characteristics, stepping motors are well-suited to positioning applications of all types. The permanent magnet rotor also provides inherent detent torque when the stator is not energized.

The performance of a stepping motor in a given application is highly dependent upon its control dircuitry.

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