Beckwith Electronics

Prairie Land Power,1101 West Carpenter, Jerseyville, Ill.

Power Steering Cylinder Assembly Showing Where Punch Was Found which was binding the steering assembly. It was probably dropped behind the cylinder and it worked it's way under the cylinder due to vibration and the action of the cylinder. The cylinder actually moves and the ram is anchored at the left side of the picture. (Recreation)
Power Steering Cylinder Linkage - How They Assembled It. This caused the valve to bind. When the valve binds, the cylinder is forced to one side or the other and the steering wheel turns with it, putting extra forace on the casting. (Recreation)
Close Up Showing Binding. (Recreation)
Power Steering Cylinder Linkage - How it Should Be Assembled. This is how the manual shows the assembly. It is difficult to understand how anyone could assemble the linkage as they did.
Power Steering Valve - Grove from Misalignment of Linkage