Beckwith Electronics

On, or about, June 26, 1998, United Missouri Bank, N.A. of Kansas City, fraudulently converted 250 of my shares of Public Service Bank Stock into cash, contrary to my instructions.

It was supposed to be converted into SBC, Southside Bankshares Corp., Stock. It seemed to me, since the conversion time was only 5 days, that this was a major stock swindle. When I complained, to UMB, they came up with a variety of conflicting excuses. Finally, when they found out that I didn't have copies of the orginal documents, ( which was real stupid on my part), they refused to reverse the conversion. I was then advised to complain to the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission. So what did UMB do, they fabricated and falsified the necessary documents, to prove their case, and sent them to the SEC. Next I complained to the OCC, Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks. Again UMB fabricated and falsified the documents they needed to prove their case. I was told that this would cost me more than it was worth to pursue this in court. Bottom line, They Screwed Me Real Good and Got Away With It !!!

If anyone is interested, I have all the documents to back my accusations.

    The Players
  1. Nancy L. Hoffman - Senior Vice President of UMB
  2. Alexander Kemper - UMB
  3. Pam Thomas - Corporate Trust Dept. UMB
  4. John C. Frierson - Customer Assistance Specialist - OCC
  5. Joanne M. Schnieder - SBC
  6. Joseph W. Pope - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of SBC
  7. Nancy Smith - SEC